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Tips From Off The Tee

As golfers, we all know that the first shot of the day is very important for setting the tone of the round. A snap hook or hard slice, especially one that travels outside the dreaded white OB stakes, can put golfers in a bad place mentally where they might not be able to recover. Nothing will sink a round quicker than poor play off the tee, so here are a few tips on gaining the distance and accuracy to ensure you’re setting the table for low scores.

3 Big Secrets on How To Shave Strokes Off Your Game

What is the secret to improving your game? Technique certainly helps, but perhaps more importantly, the mental side of the sport. Spending hours on the driving range and taking lessons may appear to improve your game.  However, once you hit that first bad shot, the lack of confidence starts and mental frustration can ruin the round. So here are a few tricks to consider next time you’re on the course. Secret #1: Getting in The Zone 

Maximize Your Time at the Driving Range

When it comes to driving range tips, warming-up is just the tip of the iceberg. Become the ultimate golf-course ranger on the driving range with this take-two on some of our favorite tips.

Stay Warm With Golf Exercises Indoors

Just because outdoor golfing may have gone south for the winter doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your skill. While playing golf in your living room might not be the best idea, there are exercises for your golf muscles that you can do at home—without breaking the bank or a vase. Stay in and stay in shape for golf by creating your own daily workout routine from our favorite golf exercises.

Seven is The Lucky Number

We’ve talked about miracles on the green before – in this blog where we talked about one-in-a-million shots made by our favourite pro golfers. But then we decided – why not look further into those odds? For example, a PGA Tour Pro’s chances for a hole in one is about 1 in 3000, while an average players odds are more to the tune of one in 12,000. Further investigation revealed some pretty amazing golf feats that definitely beat the odds – by both pros and the amateurs.

10 Books Every Golfer Should Have

During the off-season, when I’m trapped indoors by literal mountains of snow and rampaging polar bears, I like to read. Of course I like to read about golf, because I’m a sucker for self-punishment and there’s no other way to torture yourself than by reading about something that you can’t do for another five months.  So here they are – twelve books (in no particular order) that every golfer should have on their bookshelf for those rainy (or snowy!) days.

Take Control of Your Game

If you have a fairly decent short game and are missing a lot of greens a suggestion to improve your short game would be to use a golf ball that spins more to help you get up and down. Along with greenside control, extra spin, tour-grade performance, and exceptional feel,that is what a golfer in control wants. Here are a few suggestions we have for a ball with more control around the greens, approach shots, and have exceptional feel.

Golf on the Brain…and on the Walls! Ten Golf-Themed Rooms to Knock Your Socks Off!

We aren’t denying it – if you’re here, you love the game of golf. And while it’s normal to have some golf-themed decorations around the house, some people take their obsession with the game into new levels when designing their perfect rooms. Some of them are gorgeous, some of them are tasteful, and some of them are just downright bizarre. But is too much of a good thing really that bad? Look at the rooms below, and let us know – how far would you go to bring your love of the game indoors?

What's The Difference Between Recycled and Refinished Golf Balls?

Since the beginning of the Used golf ball industry there has been some controversy raised as to whether used golf balls retrieved from the water perform any different than new golf balls. Also, there has been controversy on whether a refinished golf ball can effect your game or not.   The questioning of the performance of recycled balls or refinished may have been relevant years ago when balls were made differently, but golf balls today are constructed completely different and are very resilient. 

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