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Maximize Your Time at the Driving Range


When it comes to driving range tips, warming-up is just the tip of the iceberg. Become the ultimate golf-course ranger on the driving range with this take-two on some of our favorite tips.

Don’t Just Drop the Ball 

There’s grip, aim, alignment, and even posture, and then there’s ball position. What are we driving at? Ball position matters.

For sand wedges and 8 irons, or when the club has more loft (i.e. a pitching wedge), place the ball just behind the middle of your stance. Place 7 irons and up in the middle of your stance; remember that the longer the club, the more forward the ball should be.


One-Minute Swing Practice 

Pick up the tempo with this tool. Players like Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods have implemented this practice tip into their routines to perfect their rhythm.

It’s simple: when the tempo is right, there is less time for other things to go wrong. This tool can help you learn the position of your swing and control your tempo while also engraining your swing in your mind through muscle memory. 

Lights, Camera, Swing

Think about it—have you ever actually seen your own swing in action? Next time you’re out on the course or range, ask your buddy to videotape your swing so you can see it for yourself.

You can also try swinging in front of a mirror to see your motion firsthand. Then, you can correct your swing to the right motion or plane. 

Get a Grip on Your Positioning 

v_grip.jpg                                                                                            Image Source: https://www.thegolfcourselocator.com/how-to-grip-a-golf-club/

“V” is for victory, so don’t forget the V’s.

Typically, the gap between your index finger and your thumb should point to your shoulder blade. In other words, the gap in your left hand should point to your left shoulder and vice versa.

If you are getting blisters on your hands, try lightening up your grip. We’ve also got SuperStroke grips to help you.

Less is More

When you practice, you don’t have to hit with every single club in the bag to improve. Always have a focus and purpose so you can improve one club at a time.


For example, if you want to improve your driver’s consistency, try to focus on hitting your driver and 3-wood. As always, be sure to visualize the shot you want to hit before you hit it, just as you would on the course.

Master these tips and you’ll feel at home on the range and get the biggest bang for your buck (and time). Let us be your driving force to practice until you’re perfect. Our last tip? A ball from Lost Golf Balls!

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