Titleist is the Big Winner in the 2018 Masters

Posted by Perry Lefko on 4/13/18 8:28 AM


The big winner in the 2018 Masters, at least from a golf ball manufacturer standpoint, is Titleist.

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The First 36 Holes of the 2018 Masters

Posted by Perry Lefko on 4/7/18 7:05 PM



If one of the best golfers in the world can hit a bunch of balls into the water on the same hole, well, that just proves this is not an easy game.

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Rival Companies Give Titleist a Run For Their Money

Posted by Perry Lefko on 4/6/18 8:56 AM



Bridgestone and TaylorMade have paid a huge amount of money to have two of the biggest stars in the world of golf – Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy – play their balls and it is starting to pay off significantly.

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Is Bubba Watson Playing Well because of His Titleist Ball?

Posted by Perry Lefko on 4/6/18 8:15 AM


Golf Balls-1

Can a colored golf ball produce better results than a conventional white ball? That is really hard to know because you would need a huge sample size, but Bubba Watson is providing anecdotal evidence that white might be better.

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This Year's Masters Should Be Amazing

Posted by Perry Lefko on 4/4/18 12:24 PM




The 2018 Masters is shaping up as one of the most exciting editions in years in the battle for the green jacket because of so quality competitors – arguably the best in more than 10 years.

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Taylor Made Technology: TP5 vs TP5x Golf Balls Review

Posted by LostGolfBalls on 3/5/18 2:06 PM



TaylorMade may be known for its golf clubs more than its balls, but two of its models have been making a splash in the past few years: the TP5 and TP5X.

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Golf Ball Buying Guide: Which Golf Ball Should I Use and Why?

Posted by LostGolfBalls on 3/5/18 1:47 PM



While golfers know they need good skills to play well, they also know that they can't excel without the proper equipment. Of course, golfers need to find the right clubs, but they must also give equal attention to finding the right golf balls. All aspects of their game are affected by the balls they use, and quality, affordable golf balls can make the difference between an average round and an outstanding one. When they choose their golf balls, golfers need to consider several crucial factors.
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The Clock is Ticking Towards the Masters

Posted by Perry Lefko on 3/5/18 1:22 PM

 masters image1.jpg

It seems hard to believe but the Masters is only five weeks away.

Where did the time go?

It seems like only yesterday the 2016-17 season was concluding, one which may have been one of the most important in years because of the shift of new players vying for top spot in the Professional Golf Association World Golf Ranking.

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Guide: Golf Balls For Short & Long Games, Accuracy & Distance

Posted by LostGolfBalls on 2/17/18 2:38 PM




Whether you're on the front nine or the full 18, your golf ball makes a difference. If you're at the range, you can always use cheap golf balls or used golf balls by the bucketful, but if you’re still managing to hook, upgrade your ball.

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5 Golf Trends You Need to Know in 2018

Posted by LostGolfBalls on 2/17/18 2:29 PM




If 2017 told us anything about the world of golf, it was that pro golfers can get just as wild and crazy as basketball players. Check out five of the wildest (and most serious) golf trends expected to change up the game in 2018.

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