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Five Courses You Should Be Playing This Winter

What is it like to go golfing in a winter wonderland? For many courses around the country, winter means bare trees, icy waters, and greens white with snow. But winter golf doesn’t have to be like that—there are some places, even in the wintertime, where the land is teeming with wildflowers, the grass is as green as ever, and a cool ocean breeze is welcome on a sunny day. We picked our five favorite courses all over the country where you can play a round year-round.

The Bucket List of Golf Courses You Can Play

Where do you want to be when your club meets your golf ball? Where water meets earth? How about where Lake Michigan, the Puget Sound, or the Pacific Ocean meets Wisconsin, Washington, or California? Let us take you to the ten must-play golf courses in the United States. 

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