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Golf Etiquette 101

While you can leave the top hat, tuxedo, and bow tie at home (unless that’s your thing), it’s important for everyone to remember basic etiquette on the course. If you’ve ever been waiting for a hole for an excessive amount of time, had a shadow come over your ball, or felt boxed in at the tee box, you know what we’re talking about. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to the rules of basic golf etiquette.


1) Do the honors. The player who took the lowest number of strokes on the previous hole has the honor of teeing off first at the next hole. However, if the player up-to-tee is not ready, then ready golf it is! Do your part to keep up the pace.

2) Wave players through. If you and your buddies are playing at a slower pace than the waiting group behind you, simply let them play through.slowplay2



3) Pay attention and keep track of where you are in relation to other golfers. For safety reasons, always be aware of where others are hitting and stand behind or even with them. Don’t overstep the mark: it’s never wise to stand in front of a golfer (no matter how good they think they are).

4) Wondering if you should go for the green or not? If the players on the green are reachable, don’t hit your approach shot yet, even if you’re not sure you could make it. You wouldn’t want to feel rushed because of the group behind you. It’s common courtesy.

5) Calling all fellow golf ball hunters! If the course is busy and there are several groups on every hole, don’t spend more than seven minutes looking for your lost ball. (Don’t worry, Lost Golf Balls will find it later. After all, it’s what we do!)

6) Without a shadow of a doubt, be mindful of shadow hock. When another golfer is putting, don’t let your shadow obscure their line of putt.

7) Watch your step; you don’t want to accidentally step into a putting line. Be polite and walk around.

8) Think outside the box—the tee box that is. Don’t disturb a player on the tee by talking or moving during their swing. It’s not polite to stand directly behind them either.

9) Fix any marks with either a ball-mark repair tool or even a tee. That way, you can help the green heal quicker and maintain the overall aesthetic of the course for everyone.

10) Know and follow the cart path rules for the day. Some courses don’t allow carts on certain holes in an effort to keep fairways in better shape after adverse weather conditions.cart_path_only

So please, remember to mind your P’s and Q’s on the course and we’ll tip our hats to you—before collecting those magically disappearing balls that require more than seven minutes to find. And at Lost Golf Balls, get a golf ball that minds its manners on the course.

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