When it Comes to Distance, Not All Balls are Created Equal

When most golfers walk up to the tee box they envision a perfect shot that travels long and straight, eventually coming to rest in the middle of the fairway. But sometimes, despite our best laid plans, the ball doesn’t make it past the front tee box! If you’re looking for a ball that will maximize distance, here are a few suggestions to help you gain some yards off the tee and with any club in the bag. Click Best Ball For You below to learn more.  

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Which Golf Balls Are Best For Distance?

  1. Callaway Superhot: The focus of this ball is distance. The Superhot’s low-drag aerodynamics and resilient core can help golfers who struggle getting off the tee.

  2. Titleist Velocity: This offering from Titleist delivers extra pop thanks to its spherically tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design, which promotes an ideal penetrating trajectory with a shallower angle of descent for massive distance and roll. A firmer, resilient core will help you pick up some yards with every club in your bag.

  3. Nike hyperflight: Have you heard about the Hyperflight? This three-piece ball has a soft-compression core for hyper distance with enhanced speed. If you need help getting that optimum launch with the driver, try the Nike Hyperflight.  

  4. TaylorMade Aeroburner Pro:  This 3-piece ball absolutely explodes off the face faster and stays in the air longer. The Speed comes from TaylorMade’s high-energy REACT core that stores and releases energy with incredible efficiency. If you’re distant hungry, you might want to check out this one out

  5. Nike RZN RedThe RZN Red has excellent feel and is designed to reduce excess spin. Featuring materials that are lighter and faster than other models it promotes distance and a more consistent, stable ball flight. This is great for golfers who have swing speeds under 90mph

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We want you to love your golf ball to pieces! And Lost Golf Balls can help you find the best ball for you or for someone elseWe always welcome your feedback and would love to hear which of these balls worked best for you!

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