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What Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls Are Made Of?


Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls: What Are They Made of?

When golfers choose their golf equipment, they are focused on results. They are impressed by cutting-edge technology only if it cuts a few strokes from their game. That's why so many of these sportsmen and women have chosen Titleist golf balls over the years. The company has never been satisfied with the status quo so they continually develop new technology to improve their products, even those that are already popular.
One of their latest developments, the new Titleist Pro V1, lives up to the company's history of fine performance by incorporating new design elements and specialized materials, making it one of the most effective golf balls available. If they loved the Pro V1 before, they will be even more passionate about the new version.

The Core

The core of the golf ball is perhaps its most important component. Experts call it the "engine of the golf ball" because the core supplies much of the ball's energy. As a result, designers spend most of their time trying to perfect this element. According to a Titleist executive, polybutadiene, a synthetic rubber, is the Pro V1 core's essential element because it produces a "high-energy return."
The Titleist Pro V1 also features the Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core Technology, a process that took the manufacturer more than five years to perfect. As a result of this process, the core delivers extremely consistent results. In other words, this core, 1.530 inches in diameter, eliminates one of the biggest challenges of the game - adjusting to golf ball variables.
The Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core enhances the golfer's game by providing lower long game spin, faster ball speed and more distance: the trifecta for a superior 18 hole round. The new core advances all aspects of a golfer's game, making it one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent golf history.

Cover System

The new Titleist Pro V1 features a Urethane Elastomer cover system that delivers the softer feel that golfers love. As a result, golfers can expect an improved short game due to enhanced spin and control. They can be more aggressive in their putting and aim closer to the hole, enhancing their putting game.
Golfers do not need to worry about their long game either since the ball also delivers excellent distance. In addition to all these performances pluses, the Titleist V1 Urethane Elastomer cover makes the ball quite durable, saving the golfer time and money. They will notice that the ball stays whiter during a round while delivering consistent results.
The superior qualities of this cover come from the thermoset urethane, which keeps the cover from remelting once it has been set. The unique formulation makes the manufacturing process more challenging, but the extra effort pays off in superior results and golfer satisfaction. Also, the design helps Titleist maintain their reputation as a leader in golf equipment production.


Dimple Design

After having developed the advanced core and cover, the manufacturer went one step further, creating an advanced dimpling design featuring 352 tetrahedral dimples. The placement of these triangular-pyramid shaped dimples allows for flight consistency and improved trajectory.
Titleist credits their operations department with creating "tens of thousands of mold cavities" that produce the same results each time, a gargantuan task. This tightness of design and manufacturing have given the new Titleist V1 a level of consistency that has impressed golfers of all skill levels.



The new version of the Titleist V1 went on the market in 2017, and since then has been endorsed by a number of professional golfers. Kevin Kisner, Charley Hoffman and Adam Scott use this ball in tournament play, with Scott saying, "I think the remarkable thing with the new Pro V1 is how far it goes now." He went on to note, "...it's incredibly soft."
Titleist has long been the standard in creating quality golf balls, which is why so many golfers will not use any other brand. In 2017 alone, professional golfers using the brand won approximately 206 worldwide victories. Their closest competitor was used in approximately 28 victories. Since the original Pro V1 was created in 2000, more than 2,600 professionals have chosen to use this brand.


Where to Buy

Golfers can buy all generations of Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x, including the latest versions, at https://www.lostgolfballs.com. LostGolfBalls.com offers buyers quality used golf balls at affordable prices.

The Titleist Pro V1 has a long and storied history. The newest version continues the legacy of excellence by incorporating new advanced technology. Every aspect of this golf ball has been improved: core, cover, dimples. The new design has enhanced flight consistency and given golfers more control over their short game. Rarely does a new product manage to keep the best features of an earlier design while further enhancing performance, but the new Pro V1 does just that. The new Titleist Pro V1x delivers greater performance as well and is also popular on the professional circuit as well as the local golf course.

The contemporary golfer hits the links armed with the best equipment possible. These innovations allow everyone to improve their performance and enjoy the game. The Pro V1 makes the golf course even more difficult to leave than it has been in the past.

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