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Want To Lose Less Golf Balls? Bright Colors Might Be The Answer


The arrival of fall also brings the arrival of one of the greatest nemeses to golfers everywhere: leaves on the fairway. We have all experienced this scenario. You stripe a perfect drive down the center of the fairway only to arrive at the spot where your ball should sit and realize that it is nowhere to be found. When a golf course is lush and green in summer it is easy to spot the white dot 300 yards down the fairway (okay, maybe a little closer than 300 yards). However, with more and more obstructions covering courses around the country, tee shots are becoming more and more difficult to locate. Luckily for golfers everywhere, there is a solution. For years manufacturers have been making brightly colored golf balls to help golfers follow and locate their shots easier. However, some people think these balls are inferior or are embarrassed to put them into play. Well, it is time to put these ideas to rest. Here are some of the best brightly colored options offered by LostGolfBalls.com.

Bridgestone B330-RX


The softest multi-layer, urethane ball on the market, the B330-RX is the first Tour-caliber premium golf ball designed for the amateur golfer. The ball’s gradational core utilizes a steep gradient in softness from the inner part of the core to the outer region, helping to increase ball speed while reducing spin off the driver. The gradated nature of the core allows the B330-RX to accomplish in one layer what other balls attempt to accomplish in two or three. This means energy is transferred more efficiently throughout the ball. The bright yellow color also makes the ball easier to see when the skies get overcast as winter fast approaches.

Callaway Chrome Soft

CA-Chrome-Soft-Yellow-NS.jpg CA-Chrome-Soft-Truvis-Red-NS.jpg

The Chrome Soft’s 4-piece construction serves to increase control throughout the bag, but is especially effective with scoring clubs from 100 yards and in. Engineered to maximize ball speed for the amateur golfer, the low compression provides the soft feel that is perfect for golfers with swings below 100 mph. Once again a neon-yellow exterior means that the ball will be easier to spot amongst the fall leaves blanketing the fairway helping to reduce the number of drops you’ll take and thus lower your score by the end of the round.

Srixon Z-Star


The Z-Star features Srixon’s second generation SpinSkin, which helps to increase the frictional forces at impact by 18% resulting in even more greenside spin, control and a softer feeling ball. When combined with the company’s Speed Dimple technology, which helps to increase distance and provide a truer ball flight, the Z-Star is one of the highest performing balls of its kind on the market. The bright yellow color means the rest of your foursome will have a clear view of all the birdies you’ll be knocking down.

Bridgestone e6


The Bridgestone e6 golf ball employs an enhanced Anti-Side Spin inner layer that kills excess spin for an even straighter and longer flight. What this means to you is that a fade will not be a slice and draw will not be a hook. The soft gradational compression core and soft surlyn cover provide green-grabbing control to complement your long, straight tee shot. Offered in Yellow, Orange and Pink varieties, the e6 will add some spice to any round.

BR-e6-Orange-NS.jpg BR-e6-Pink-NS.jpg

Despite a perception of inferiority, many of the most popular models of golf balls offer brightly colored options. This has no effect on the performance of the ball itself and can only help a round by being easier to find resulting in fewer lost golf balls and less penalty strokes.

What is your favorite color for a golf ball? Let us know in the comment section below. Want to give colored golf balls a try? Head over to LostGolfBalls.com where you can fill all of your golf ball needs.

Kristen is a budding golf enthusiast on the E-Commerce team at Lost Golf Balls. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. Kristen's favorite golfer is fellow longhorn Jordan Spieth \m/

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