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Titleist Velocity Review


Review: Titleist Velocity

When it comes to golf, few names have the storied history of Titleist. The company opened its doors 91 years ago and is unquestionably one of the biggest leaders in golf products, including golf balls, clubs, accessories, and so much more. When you see a Titleist product, you expect its ability to help you play your best game.

The company regularly premiers new balls, and its Velocity is the latest of that particular product line. Let's go in-depth into what the Velocity can do for you and your game. 

What Titleist says

Titleist's website calls the Velocity a ball that will help you achieve "Full Throttle Distance." This slogan reflects how the company aims to position this particular ball within the highly competitive golf-ball world.

According to Titleist, the ball comes with many features, including a "high-speed LSX core." For those of you who are unfamiliar, this refers to the core of the ball that is underneath its skin. This core is an invention from Titleist that first came out in 2022. The specific design of the new core encourages speed, height, and — you guessed it — velocity.

In addition, the technology behind this new core is meant to retain as much energy from the swing and contact, allowing the ball to travel as far as possible. This makes the ball ideal for individuals looking to rocket the ball off the tee. 

Other features of the golf ball include:

  • A speedy NaZ+ cover. This cover is also new to Titleist and unique to the Velocity. The cover's design is spherical, with 350 octahedral dimples covering the ball.
  • Like many other Titleist products, this one is available in numerous colors, including white, matte orange, matte green, and matte blue. The blue is new.
  • According to Titleist, this ball can help players achieve long distance, spin, and high flight on all shots they take. The website also notes that the ball has a low spin characteristic and a soft feel.

In other words, the Velocity is ideal for players looking to crack the ball in an opening drive as far as possible. This ball may also be absolutely perfect for players looking to achieve low spin. 

What the experts and other reviewers say

In talking to our players and checking out other reviews of the Velocity, some commonalities quickly emerge.

First, the ball travels high and far. This makes it ideal for an opening drive or mid-game when trying to get as close to the green as possible. As such, the LSX Core and NaZ+ cover work well. There is no question that the composition and design of a ball can have a major impact on how it plays and travels. This ball is meant to achieve high speed, distance, and flight. There is no question it accomplishes that important goal. As such, if you are a player who is looking to enhance any of these features of your swing, you will find that the Titleist Velocity fits your needs. 

Second, the ball travels farther than many other Titleist balls. Numerous tests found that the ball did go much further when compared to other Titleists, meaning that this may be ideal if you are truly interested in achieving distance. 

Third, it's clear that the ball's design has aerodynamics in mind. The new dimple design on the ball is specifically engineered to get maximum flight once the ball is in the air. This design gives the ball a much higher launch than many other balls available on the market, potentially making it ideal for players who need an extra boost in their game.

Finally, the ball performed well around the greens. This high performance comes as a direct performance of the ball's new cover that gives it a very soft feel. 

All these features make the ball perfect for specific uses like crushing it from the tee and when you are looking to add flight and distance. Some reviews found the ball perfect for mid-level handicappers, but this wasn't a uniform consensus. Instead, the ball seems to be more geared around a few specific features. 

Potential concerns

Other reviews and conversations with our players noted that the ball could play a little too fast, requiring players to have a high degree of control over their swing. This reality may make the Velocity perfect for opening shots but less beneficial for your mid-game. As such, this ball may be more meant for people looking to boost their long game than get better control of their mid-game. 

The matte finish of the ball is also a matter of personal preference. Some players loved it, while others found it looked "cheap" compared to non-matte finishes. Finally, for those who like a more colorful game, the Velocity offers a blue, orange, and green finish, making it perfect for ensuring you don't lose it in a crowd — or the woods. 

Final verdict

For players looking to add flight to their game, buy a ball with colors that pop, and ensure the longest distance to their drives, the Titleist Velocity may be ideal.

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