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An Inside Look at Rory McIlroy WITB


Rory McIlroy is one of the most accomplished golfers in the world. To date, he has won the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, and the Open Championship. At one point, he spent an astonishing 122 weeks as the number-one-ranked golfer in the world. That kind of success isn't a stroke of luck. It's the result of diligence, hard work, and endless hours of training.

World-class equipment also helps. As a top golfer, McIlroy has one of the best golf bags in the country. Today, we're reviewing what's in Rory McIlroy's bag and how it's relevant to you. 

Latest golf drivers drivers

Rory McIlroy possesses a crushing driving speed: His swing speed is 122 miles per hour

Enhancing his golf swing is McIlroy's driver selection. McIlroy's choice of clubs is governed by his sponsorship deal with TaylorMade, which he signed in 2017. As a result, virtually all McIlroy's equipment comes from TaylorMade. Perhaps the most notable example is his Qi10 driver with a 9° head set. The shaft of McIlroy's club is a custom-made Ventus Black 6-X.

It's worth noting that McIlroy has changed clubs, head sets, and shafts over time, adjusting his driver to better suit his changing play styles and physical condition as he ages. 

Remember, what used to work for you might not work now, and what works for one golfer may not work for another. To that end, your challenge is not to find a golf club that works for McIlroy or to emulate his style. Instead, you need to discover what works for you. 

Keep in mind that McIlroy's current drivers play into his strengths: speed and distance. For many golfers, a driver like McIlroy's might not be compatible with their golf game. Other clubs — like the Cobra Darkspeed Max Driver or Titleist TSR1 — can help with distance. Other drivers enhance accuracy, even at the loss of speed. The trick is finding what works for you. 


When it comes to woods, McIlroy tends to use a diverse strategy. He has proven his ability to hit the ball deep with these clubs, sometimes using them to hit as far as 290 yards.

McIlroy recently upgraded this set of clubs. For his 3-wood, McIlroy uses a TaylorMade Qi10 (15°) with a Fujikura Ventus TR Black 8 X shaft. When it comes to his 5-wood, McIlroy uses a TaylorMade Qi10 (18°) with a Fujikura Ventus TR Black 9 X shaft. 

These clubs are generally considered more advanced and versatile than what most of us would use, and they can be challenging to handle for beginners. McIlroy's unique play style and extreme swing speed make these clubs perfect for him. 

High-performance irons

McIlroy's irons are custom-made. For a 4-iron, McIlroy uses a P760. His 5-9 irons are custom-made Rors Proto, all from TaylorMade. Golf Monthly says McIlroy has customized all his irons to meet specific specifications. This entire club selection comes with an altered blade or grind profile. 

Interestingly, McIlroy generally skips the utility iron. While he occasionally plays with a TaylorMade Steal UDI 2-iron, this club usually doesn't make it into McIlroy's bag. 

Professional golf wedges

McIlroy uses a complete set of four wedges with four different club faces: 46°, 50°, 54°, and 60° lofts. The clubs are TaylorMade MilledGrind 4 Wedges with a raw finish and a Project X Rifle 6.5 Shaft. It's worth mentioning that they use TaylorMade's latest technology and are explicitly designed for play in wet conditions. 

Precision putters

McIlroy has switched putters repeatedly over the years. At last check, he used a Spider Tour X putter from TaylorMade. The putter comes in an X-shape and has TSS weights positioned more forward than most clubs, enhancing its speed and strength. It also uses a True Path alignment system that improves accuracy while utilizing a softer feel due to its 45° groves. 

The golf ball is TaylorMade

In keeping with his sponsorship agreement, McIlroy uses a TaylorMade TP5x ball and prefers the latest model. He stamps his golf ball with a #22, signifying his marriage date and affinity with the number. 

TaylorMade describes the TP5x ball as their "fastest and longest" golf ball. It comes with five layers, with four encased in urethane. These premium balls sell at $45 for a dozen. However, you can buy used models at LostGolfBalls.com for a much lower price.

Pro golfer equipment: accessories and apparel

No Rory McIlroy WITB would be complete without a look at McIlroy's accessories. Like all golfers, McIlroy uses an array of other accessories. And since Nike sponsors McIlroy, all his clothing — from his shirt to his shoes — is Nike brand. He also uses Nike golf gloves. 

Rory McIlroy's golf bag and where to fill yours

As you can see in this edition of Rory McIlroy WITB, McIlroy has picked his golf accessories based on a strategy to enhance his strengths and compensate for his minimal weaknesses. McIlroy's equipment selection reflects his desire to be at the top of his game. 

If you have a similar goal, or you're looking for the best golf deals possible, check out LostGolfBalls.com. We proudly offer great deals on golf balls, accessories, and more. Check out our website today for the best ways to fill your golf bag and find equipment that suits your needs. 



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