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7 Putting Drills To Improve Your Game

Updated 2/28/17

Clock Drill

Photo Credit:thegratefulgolfer.com
  • Place three balls in a line at three, six, and nine feet away from the hole in a pattern similar to the three, six, nine, and twelve positions on a clock.

  • Goal is to make twelve in a row. If you miss, go back to the beginning and start over.

Ladder Drill

  • Place a tee in the ground at 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet, and 40 feet away.

  • The purpose of this drill is to control the distance you hit each putt.

  • This drill begins by hitting a putt to the first tee, which is 10 feet away followed by a 20 footer, 30 footer, and 40 footer trying to get the ball to stop as close to each tee as possible.

  • Now it’s time to theoretically close the ladder. From the first tee, hit a 30 foot putt, followed by a 20 foot putt, followed by a 10 foot putt to the final tee. Now you have successfully opened and closed the ladder.

  • The next step is to repeat this drill from the opposite direction.

Ladder-Drill                                                                                                                       Photo Credit:www.cantignygolfblog.com

Path Drill

  • This drill helps to develop a consistent path, moving straight back and straight through.

  • In a flat area on the green, place two clubs on the ground wide enough apart to place the putter head behind the ball.

  • Swing between the two clubs to hit the ball. If you hit any of the clubs, you are not swinging down the target line. Keep the putter head low to the ground and follow through.

iysg_1                                                                                                                                         Photo Credit:golffuel.com

Golf Box Putting Drill

  • Create a box around the hole.

  • Putt from 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 feet

  • The primary goal is to land the ball in a box around the hole. Making it in the hole counts as extra points.

  • You have to start over if the box is missed and repeat until all balls make it in the box.

1079349493_2243207714001_video-still-for-video-1958901285001                                                                                                                    Photo Credit: http://www.stack.com/golf/

Lag Putting Drill

  • Similar to golf box putting drill, but done one-handed and with vision blocked.

  • Have partner block your vision.

  • Purpose is to force you to focus on the target and remain stable during your swing.

putting-distance                                                                                                                    Photo Credit: www.hittingthegreen.com

Circle Putt Drill

  • Place eight balls in a three-foot circle around the hole.

  • Putt ball within five seconds after assessing the break.

  • The break  is the amount the putt moves from right to left, or left to right, on the green.

  • Start drill over if a putt is missed and repeat until all putts are made.

circle-putting-drill                                                                                                                                Photo Credit: http://www.nextstepgolf.com/toppracticedrills/

Putting Arc Drill

  • Develop a smooth, straight stroke that will consistently deliver precise results using a putting arc.

  • Setup the arc on the green, take a smooth stroke and glide the putter along the arc.

  • Keep head steady and minimize your body movement.

  • Perform 100 putts using the putting arc.

10                                                                                                                Photo Credit: www.theputtingarc.com

Another way to help improve your putting may be to use a SuperStroke grip. Read our previous post about how oversized grips, like the SuperStroke, have changed the game, and how they can help you sink more putts.

Heather Plyler
Heather Plyler
Heather Plyler is a golf enthusiast and has recently joined the E-Commerce team at Lost Golf Balls. She graduated from University of Houston-Downtown in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree for Corporate Communications. Heather is passionate about golf whether it is playing a round on the course or communicating with others about their last Round. She has been involved in the sport for 10 years that has given her an insight into the commercial value of the products associated with the sport.

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