Five Incredible Golf Shots You Need To See. (Part Deux)

Our first post featuring five incredible shots (Part One Here) was so popular that we found five more to show you. Here are five more shots that you can’t miss! 

5) The late eighties were tough on Greg Norman. He earned only one major in 1986 after leading all four tournaments after three rounds. But in 1987, it looked like he might finally break through with his first major win on US soil. That is until a young 29-year-old Larry Mize came along and played his way into a playoff with Greg Norman and Steve Ballesteros. How Larry Mize won his first and only major is nothing short of Masters’ history.



4) The backward flop shot, although not performed in a tournament setting, is still an incredible shot. When we think about masters of the short game only one name really comes to mind, Phil Mickelson, and he made this type of shot look too easy!

3) This shot turns out exactly how Matt Wheatcroft wants it to, given the incredibly difficult circumstances. team member Andrew says, “I would have been afraid that the ball would come back and hit me in the face!”

2) At the 2001 World Cup, Tiger Woods needed a chip in for eagle to tie and force a playoff. But he was on a downhill slope with little room to work with. In this video he gets exactly the shot he needs. Unfortunately, Tiger lost in the playoff. 

1) Vijay Singh, a man who hits more balls on the range than any other human, makes this shot look like a “skip” in the park. A hole-in-one is rare enough, but doing it by skipping the ball across water, at this Master's practice round, makes this our choice for the most incredible shot.

Do any of these shots make your top five?

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