Would You Golf Here?!? Nine of the Craziest Golf Courses in the World

We all have crazy stories from places that we’ve played at. Sometimes it’s about a devil of a sand trap, a particular violent devil-inhabited goose, or a clubhouse in serious need of a paint job. But nothing can top the following courses – perfect for the thrill-seeking, the adventurous, or the absolutely insane.
Usually when golfing our worries run closer to evil geese, losing our balls in sand traps, and whether or not we somehow managed to wear out our golf cart battery. It’s not every day that you have to worry about landmines as well. At Camp Bonifas, the most dangerous golf course on the planet, it’s a genuine worry. Located near a military base in North Korea, it’s a 192 yard par-3 course inside the demilitarized zone – just be careful where your ball lands, since it is surrounded by landmines on three sides.
Looks deceptively peaceful, doesn’t it?
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The nineteenth hole at Legend Golf and Safari resort, in Limpopo, South Africa. is one of the craziest holes known to man. Accessible only by helicopter (unless you want a long and brutal climb), the tee shot is 400m in the air from a ridge on Hanglip Mountain. It happens to be the toughest par-3 on the planet. I wonder if the shout of “Fore!” echoes for miles around?
What happens if you miss the green entirely?
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  1. La Jenny
One of the great things about golfing with your friends is the freedom from everyday responsibilities. At La Jenny, you can have a totally different type of freedom. You can literally let everything hang out – and yes, I mean everything. It’s not just the leaves blowing gently in the breeze, if you get my meaning. Created in 1993 and enlarged in 2009, this French golf course has six playing holes in an entirely naturalist setting. Be aware there are rules though – it’s not a naked free for all.
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  1. Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club
This golf course is something right out of someone’s nightmares, with that someone being me. Reaching the green on this golf course is impossible because there is no green. Its 18 holes have no grass except for small patches planted at the tees. After that, you’re permanently in the sand.
Why. Why would anyone create this.
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Sometimes, you wish the game would never end. While an everlasting game has yet to be invented, there is a place you can go where the game will be played for four days. This place can be found in Australia, and you will need a full gas tank since the 18 holes go for almost 850 miles, with 50 miles being between each hole. Why? It’s stretched out along the highway that crosses West and South Australia. I think it’s time for a road trip.
Hazards include poisonous snakes, crocodiles, and spiders the size of your face.
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While this particular golfing destination is a bit of a mouthful to pronounce, you won’t find the chilly reception you might be expecting by playing a game of golf on an iceberg in the ridiculous cold. The course isn’t exactly regulation – the holes are nearly twice the normal size and the course is only nine holes long – but the World Ice Golf Championships are held there. If you win that, you’ll definitely have one hell of a story to tell.
You’ll certainly be the “coolest” person at the club.
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We’re all used to dealing with wildlife to some extent – birds that just won’t stop chirping, mad gophers, fanged rabid opponents. But if you take a little trip to South Africa, there’s a charming 18-hole course where the greens fee will not only get you a golfing experience, but a safari one as well. Giraffes, zebras and elephants are just some of the animals you might find roaming the green. However, you will want to stay away from the water hazards – hippos are known to hang out there, and they aren’t especially known for their hospitality towards tourists.
Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my.
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If you’re too cold after your holes at Uummannaq, don’t be afraid to hop over to the Yogyakarta region of Indonesia to play a few holes at the Merapi Golf Course. Why will this warm you up? Merapi is located at the base of a volcano that is still very very active. Sure, it might have erupted in 2006 and 2010, and sure, you can see smoke coming from it almost every day of the year, but you’ll definitely end up being toasty, one way or the other.
So who’s bringing the marshmallows?
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  1. The Moon
Okay, technically this one is more out of this world than in it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the most prestigious golf course known to man with only one person having ever played it. Astronaut Alan Shepherd hit three golf balls on the moon during his visit in 1971, but that doesn’t mean that the very elite golfers of the world won’t eventually be able to play there – a Japanese construction company revealed a blueprint for the development of a moon-based course for the future.
And the bragging rights for forever go to…..
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 What about you? What crazy courses have you had the pleasure of playing?
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