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When we head out onto over 2,200 golf courses in more than 45 states, masks on and baskets in hand, in search of golf balls like Easter eggs. How do we distinguish a great egg from a bad egg or even just a good egg? Truthfully we see everything under the sun when it comes to golf balls. Thanks to our innovative sorting process, only a small percentage of what comes through our facility actually has the aesthetics to make it in your golf bag.  To help serve you best, we have created a
grading scale based on condition to discern the excellent (AAAAA) from the great (AAAA) from the good (AAA).

first-qualityAt the top of the grading scale and at the top of its game is the AAAAA/1st quality. Because they may have spent only a millisecond on a clubface before becoming ours, it is difficult to differentiate between a new ball and the AAAAA. Like-new and in mint condition, they preserve their original color and luster. Although golf balls of all qualities may have minor pen marks and a variety of logos, we do our best to limit those per order. For those who value appearance, the AAAAA is the premium choice.

2nd-qualityNext up is the AAAA/2nd quality. With only three to four dimples worth of cosmetic blemish, slight discoloration, and/or a minimal loss of luster, these golf balls are the best return for your investment. They will not look like they have been recently harvested from the murky depths; they just emit less of that soft, white glow that is characteristic of a new and 5A golf ball.  Nevertheless, appearance does not affect ball flight or playability. The AAAA golf balls are budget-friendly because they balance a great price per ball with great quality.

third-qualityAt the end of the scale, but still in the top category in terms of quality, is the AAA/3rd quality. These golf balls may have slight scuffs, blemishes, discoloration and/or smudges, and can include higher-grade x-out and practice models. AAA's are a good fit for those who use the same golf balls during practice, matches, and tournaments.

Here at LostGolfBalls, all our products are top-notch and warrant at least three A’s.  Because our thirst for golf balls can't ever be fully quenched, we work year-round to provide only the finest product possible to you.  We always take pride in our work but we feel like our loyal customers say it best:

Charles C- "Thanks for taking the time and confirming what I already knew to be true, affords me the luxury of trying many different golf balls throughout the year."

Ness B-"I have purchased both the yellow Srixon and Titleist balls and have been very happy with them. The cost difference is amazing and suits my expense account for golf."

Bill G-"I have used your AAAA Titleist and Taylormade balls and don't feel that their performance is any different than new balls."

Perry-"As an avid user of recycled golf balls, it is nice to know that I am not giving anything away by using them. Although some of my playing partners think I'm crazy as they play nothing but new. I feel smarter by my choices now as once we hit them off the first tee, we're all using "used" golf balls."PC-WHITE-0001-2t




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