If Santa is a Golfer…

This Christmas, add some of the magic of the course underneath the tree. We’ve been playing “Santa’s helper” to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, from your boss to your co-workers to your children and grandchildren. Check out our list (and check it twice!) for the best golf gifts on a budget.

The Boss

  • For the avid golfer technology whiz, Game Golf ($199) is sure to please. An external device game-your-gamerecords your rounds using tags that attach to your clubs. After you play, plug the device into your computer to analyze your performance. Download the accompanying mobile app to track your progress on the go!
  • You can’t go wrong with a classic golfer gift set ($39.95) — great for a beginner or an expert golfer. This one includes a deluxe golf shoe bag, a valet, and a bag cooler.
  • Give the gift of sight with a golf scope ($17.99) that allows you to estimate the distance to the flag using an internal distance reticle. It provides a clear view with yardage clearly labeled. Leatherette pouch and wrist strap included.
  • The Lost Golf Balls 12 Titleist Pro V1 2014 Holiday Box ($29.99), makes the perfect gift for your boss. Included is a Poker Chip, 2-sided Club Brush, a 30pk of Zero Friction Tees and a one size fits all glove. 

The Co-Worker461283-01K-1_AvonPullover

  • Don’t know what to get for your Secret Santa? Try a golf gift set from Champion ($8.47). It comes with a hat, towel, and divot repair tool. We recommend snagging a hat or club from their favorite course for a personal touch. 
  • The smash bag ($24.99) makes a great gift for beginner or intermediate golfers. Practice with the smash bag at home or on the course to get a feel for the correct clubface impact for your swing and work on your shot. Stop fat and thin golf shots, cure slices, and improve overall accuracy using this unique training tool.
  • This year, ditch the ugly Christmas sweater and go with a sweater or jacket from Oakley instead. Check out their athletic apparel made to keep any golfer comfortable on the course during the cold season. (See our Blog post on dressing for cooler golf weather.)
  • The Lost Golf Balls 30 TaylorMade Burner Holiday Bucket ($32.99), will make your co-worker jump for joy. Included is a Poker Chip, 2-sided Club Brush, a 500pk of Holiday Tees and a Green Towel.

The Child/Grandchildchildgolf

  • Bring the fun of the miniature golf course home with a mini golf course set ($47.99). Snap-and-lock pieces allow you to create different patterns (with tracks to guide the ball to the green) that any kid would enjoy.
  • Hand-knit head covers ($29.99) make for a gift that is both fun and practical. Young children will love the ones that are made to look like animals, while others with funky designs are sure to please teens.
  • Too old for miniature golf and animal head covers (is that even possible)? Consider decking the halls with golf gear decked out for their favorite pro or collegiate team. Head covers, golf bags, and towels are perfect for an older child or grandchild.
  • 41UwrE64IRLFinally, a floating golf game ($59.99) is fun for everyone! Just inflate and drop in a pool to play. With four sets of balls, this is a game the whole family can enjoy.
  • The Lost Golf Balls 12 Nike Mix Holiday Box ($16.99), is a great gift for a beginner golfer. Included is a Poker Chip, 2-sided Club Brush, a 30pk of Zero Friction Tees and a one size fits all glove. 



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