You Know You’re a Golfer If…

Can you remember your last three scores but not your anniversary? Do you have club marks on the ceiling of your living room, or even a hole in the wall? Can you tell the difference between bent, Bermuda, and Poa annua grass?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be a golfer. To know for sure, grab a scorecard, get out the pencil we know you have in your back pocket, and see how many of these apply to you.    

  1.       You’ve named—or tried to name—a child “Rory”, “Nicklaus”, or “Tiger”.
  2.       You get nervous when your significant other asks if you’re busy this Sunday.
  3.       The one-hand tan. Not only is your dominant hand at least three shades darker than your other hand, but you have a golfer’s (most definitely not a farmer’s) tan.
  4.       You take your favorite putter to play a round of putt-putt with the kids.
  5.       When trying to get someone’s attention, you have shouted “fore!” instead of “excuse me”.
  6.       After a day on the course, you have gotten into your car and driven it like a golf cart.
  7.       You have to clear tees and short pencils out of your cup holder before you go through the drive-thru.
  8.       You don’t carry a first-aid kit, but have an emergency stash of clubs in your car so that you’re ready to play at short notice.
  9.       The other regular guys at the range or the course ask how the wife and kids are doing—but not much has changed since yesterday.
  10.   When you hurt your hand, the first thing you do is make a golf grip to make sure the most important function of your hand has not been compromised.
  11.   The buttons on your remote for the golf channel are worn out (because other than that and the weather channel, what other channels do you need?).
  12.   While others are staying inside due to a blizzard, heat wave, or hurricane, you think it’s a perfect day for a round.
  13.   Your closet is a rainbow of polos, and you’ve spent more on one of them than a nice dinner for two.  
  14.   The first thing you do when planning a vacation is check out the tee times at a course near your hotel.
  15.   Lastly, you must be a golfer if you actually read through the entire list—and enjoyed it!

And if these describe you to a tee, then you might, just might, love golf as much as we do! Warning: if you’ve gone from building a sandbox “for the kids” to a full-out golf course in your backyard, you might be on the verge of golf addiction.

Well we’re here to help…fuel that addiction that is, with a ball from Lost Golf Balls. Extra: You know you’re a savvy golfer if you don’t pay full price for the same quality you love!


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